About Pulse

We drive our technology partners’ success through carefully architected Supply Chain Management solutions, designed to maximize profit from the full life cycle of their products. Our services are the answer to the industry’s most pressing problems, including getting products to market, repairing devices for reuse, and safely recycling and disposing of old devices.

Mission Statement

Pulse aims to provide customers with knowledgeable, capable, and reliable solutions for their Forward and Reverse Supply Chain needs.

Pulse Listens To You

We have created countless customized Supply Chain Solutions by listening to our customers. We work with you to understand your business first and offer up solutions that are common sense and achievable in the near term. We want to make it easy on you – so we won’t recommend you rebuild your operation. Instead, we will architect a solution and adapt to integrate into your environment seamlessly. We look forward to partnering with you to create a solution that fits your business, and improves your profitability, speed, and flexibility.

Easily Improve Your Business

Our Supply Chain team helps you increase profitability, reduce costs, improve reliability, elevate customer experience, and expand flexibility in a rapidly changing environment.

Our Team

Anwer Jadhavji

First Executive Chairman

Board of Directors

Asif Jadhavji

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Duval

Chief Revenue Officer