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In the mid-nineties, our family migrated to America. Fuel with an entrepreneurial spirit, we started a computer resale business in Southern California. Although we lacked computer knowledge, we forged ahead learning as we built the business. By 2005, our business model had evolved to meet our customers’ needs. The company transitioned from reselling equipment to providing computer recycling services.

In 2009, the computer equipment market was rapidly changing as businesses transitioned to mobile devices and laptops. To remain competitive, we shifted the company’s business model to provide supply-chain solutions to organizations. The company was sold in 2011. However, the desire to create a new business resulted in the launch of PULSE Supply Chain Management Solutions in 2014.

We've Walked In Your Shoes

When you partner with Pulse, you benefit from years of experience helping clients just like you. Pulse has a proven track record to provide a solution that improves your profitability, reduces your operational costs, improves speed and flexibility, and reduces risk. Chances are, we’ve met needs just like yours before. We’ll work with you to understand your business first, and offer up solutions that are common sense, and achievable in the near term. We like to walk before we run – so we won’t recommend you rebuild your operation from the ground up on day one. We will architect and recommend how we can integrate into your environment seamlessly. We’re professionals that are easy to work with, and we know you will enjoy the process.

PULSE maintains strong relationships with leading consumer electronics companies, and buyers of both new and used resale products. PULSE accommodates the needs of multiple sales channels, often offering flexible shipping, pricing, inventory, and terms.

PULSE supports customers and suppliers of every size, from top retail chains to smaller independent stores to international brokers and online retail businesses. PULSE gives Buyers and Sellers the power to stand out from the crowd with a comprehensive product portfolio and innovative solutions and services. Our teams conduct extensive research on today’s products so retailers can rest assured that they have the widest array of the hottest items and accessories to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants. Premier services like comprehensive bundling, extended assortment, superior logistics, extended warranty, concierge services, as well as remanufacturing and end-of-life services help make a positive impact on both wholesalers’ and retailers’ bottom line.

Easily Improve Your Business

Let Pulse’s Supply Chain team help you increase profitability, reduce costs, improve reliability, expand flexibility in a rapidly changing environment, and elevate customer experience – easily and quickly.

Co-locating reverse and forward logistics in one facility enables Pulse to determine whether product is good or bad, make minor repairs, sub-contract for more technical work, return the item to the manufacturer, or repackage working units with accessories, then put them directly back into the proper resale channel — all in one stop. Immediate receipt verification also allocates credit back to the customer more quickly.

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Asif Jadhavji
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