Pulse Services

Pulse Forward + Reverse Logistics

With new technologies coming to market every day, more consumers and businesses purchase products from online suppliers expecting same or next day delivery. To help your business maximize product profitability and reduce costs, we analyze every part of the process from the manufacturer to customer, and we develop a strategic and highly efficient forward chain management strategy to ensure your products are delivered on time and to the correct destination.

When it comes to Reverse Logistics, we have a singular focus – to optimize the complete return life cycle of a product. Our team works to increase product ROI by monitoring for product return trends and defects, determining which products can be resold at market value, and identifying alternative market solutions. At Pulse, our Forward and Reverse Logistics services are located at one facility. We handle the entire process from making minor repairs to sending out to a subcontractor or returning the product to the manufacturer. In addition, professional buyers can seamlessly purchase products from a wide range of categories from our interactive and digital marketplace. Our system increases value recovery, eliminates costly handoffs, and decreases inventory processing time.

Forward Logistics


Pulse provides solutions for broken and dysfunctional mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We specialize in the complete end-to-end lifecycle of mobile devices, including purchasing, repairs, refurbishment, and re-marketing. Our team repairs devices with broken screens, dysfunctional parts, motherboard damage, and other issues.

Asset Management

Our system monitors, maintains, and tracks materials of value to an entity or group. It may apply to value-based assets, such as consumer products, or to scrap value assets, including non-functioning products and parts. Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We understand in today’s just-in-time inventory management, preventing out-of-stocks is critical. Our inventory management system provides daily updates to keep your team informed, including systemic alerts, when inventory levels drop below a pre-determined level. Our team works to help you reduce cost while ensuring inventory consistency.

Warranty Management

Our warranty management process allows us to identify warranty validity, provide warranty intelligence for your business, and determine if a product is Beyond Economic Repair (BER). For clients with a range of products from different vendors, our ability to manage the complexity can be immensely helpful.

Order Fulfillment

Our skilled quality control management team oversees the configuration of our clients’ products, including box/gaylord/pallet build, retail packaging (RF sealing, shrink-wrap, clamshells, etc.), custom labeling, barcode scanning, national/international shipping, and freight tracking.

Product Kitting + Bundling

Our Distribution Centers have the capabilities to assemble and provide a wide variety of market and retailer product options and bundles.

Reverse Logistics

Product Receiving

We manage the product receiving and customer validation process for Purchase Orders, Bills of Lading, and Return Authorization.

Returns Authorization

We manage end-to-end, every part of the Returns Material Authorization (RMA) process from handling any discrepancies or unsolicited returns to triage, credit processing, and product disposal. Our team works diligently to simplify the process of returns for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Testing + Repair

We have a comprehensive system to diagnose product faults and then determine if it is feasible to repair the product. We analyze each product to determine the highest ROI for your business. Often the cost to repair can exceed the market value of a product.

Data Sanitation

For returned items, we have the capability to provide electronic sanitization to remove user data.


We are dedicated stewards of your inventory and track every product. Pulse operates state-of-the-art facilities and is in compliance with industry standards and federal regulations.


Pulse has the capability to operate as a full customer crediting service once the product return has been validated.

Pulse Refresh

We help you recover costs and increase profitability through the repair, refurbishment, repurposing, or secure disposal of electronics, including mobile devices, laptops, MP devices, and more. We work quickly and efficiently to restore or safely destroy your out-of-use products.


Refurbishment / Reuse

We have the facility to provide a product refurbishment service, which includes re-marketing used products to the proper channel.


Depending on the outcome of the testing, we have the capability to provide a repairs service for many devices.

Secure Destruction

After checking for reusable components, we have the facility to dispose unusable returned items in accordance with R2 requirements and security standards (as required).

Pulse Sales

Our Pulse Sales team has built strong relationships with large and small retailers and is prepared to help you with a the launch of a new product, product line management, wholesale, or a unique customized solution.

New Product Launch

We design and execute a detailed strategy to get your new product to consumers. We leverage our relationships with big box retailers to ensure broad exposure for your product.


We provide customized solutions for retail channel markets through orchestrated business systems and processes. 

Product Line Management

We manage the full life cycle of your new product and any subsequent versions or related products you might want to bring to market. We are able to manage your entire product portfolio, bringing the latest versions to market when ready and repurposing or disposing of discontinued products.


Our wholesale services include products from overstock and end-of-life sales that can be purchased new, used, or refurbished.

Pulse Recycling

With more and more new technologies and devices being manufactured every day, electronic manufacturers are finding it increasingly important to focus on sustainability when it comes to the disposal of electronic devices. At Pulse, we specialize in safe and sustainable recycling practices, including safe disposal of electronic waste, recovery of useful raw materials, and removal of toxic byproducts. We are R2 & ISO certified, and we employ eco-friendly procedures at every stage of the recycling process.

Destruction + Disposal

When products reach the end of their useful lives and must be scrapped, electronic manufacturers need safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of them. The focus on recycling returned or end-of-life parts, components and products is driving more sustainable practices in every industry, but particularly so in high-tech. With our R2 Certification, Pulse is your trusted provider to responsibly recycle all your electronic assets.